European Law regarding the Heritage of Audiovisual Works

Prof. in charge Loreto CORREDOIRA
Typology Seminar


Teaching Unit 1.   Heritage and the Audiovisual

Topic 1. Legal concept of Heritage and “audiovisual works"   

  1. Legal position of Heritage

1.1. Historical, documentary and bibliographical heritage/ Intangible and Digital / National Heritage

1.2. European Law regarding Audiovisual Works (AVMS Directive, Copyright Directive, Cross-border content Regulation, Music Licenses Management Directive) 

  1. Photography, television and cinema in Spanish law.
  2. “Audiovisual works" in the Cinema Law and the Law of Intellectual Property
  3. Legislation applicable to other “audiovisual” media. Theatre, musical performances, etc. .


Teaching Unit 2: Intellectual Ownership and right of access to works

Topic 2: Intellectual Ownership of audiovisual works

Topic 3. Rights of Access to Works and exceptions

Topic 4. The challenge of digitalization of audiovisual works

Challenges of conservation/preservation in the management of rights.


Impact A key course for Master and PhD students working on the field of Audiovisual Heritage. The course is taught mainly by professor Corredoira, but we also invite to come at least 3 or 4 guests from the Institutions in charge of the Copyright Management. We have had and we plan to keep doing it, visits and conversations with people in charge of  Video Archives and/or  Films  to enrich the practical application of the Laws (RTVE for example). We also visit annually the Spanish Parliament or the EU Parliament to talk with Public representatives about new Directives or Regulations ahead.  This amplifies also the impact of this Chair having conversations with policymakers and lobbyists.

Didactic materials