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Student Services

The Virtual Campus

Supports classroom learning, offering a series of services to facilitate and enhance communication between students and teachers.

The University Smart Card TUI-UCM identifies you on campus and provides easy access to all services available to students, teachers and staff.

Computer Services - UCMtic

In addition to the computer labs located in academic buildings, there is a special one to encourage the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). 

Cloud @ucm, Virtual Campus, TUI-UCM. All students will receive a @ucm.es account which provides access to email and cloud storage as well as to UCM's academic and administrative services (GEA Platform): enrolment, consulting academic records, Virtual Campus, WiFi. Find out more about UCMtic.

The Student House
The Centre for students and their associations, with a permanent presence in many different academic professional and personal areas.

Complutense Centre for Spanish Teaching

The Centre manages courses of Spanish as a Foreign Language, and it is the examining centre for Spanish as a Foreign Language Exams DELLE and SIELE.

LOGO COMPLUEMPRENDEThe University Enterprise Office "Compluemprende" was created to offer support for members of the University and their business projects. It includes the Advice and Information Centre for the Campus Enterprise Programme, which is part of the Madrid Community’s Portal de Emprendedores. Learn more about Compluemprende.

Complutense Residence Halls Office

For students in need of on campus housing, this office provides the services to make comfortable and convenient housing arrangements.  In addition, this office provides cultural and scientific training, as well as information pertaining to sports and other activities available on our campus.


Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Support for International Mobility students (IN/OUT). Previous contact with home universities. Student Adaptation Reports. Support for follow-up class. Counseling.

ESN UCM helps for a rapid integration of Erasmus Student.

The Libraries

  • 32 Libraries
  • 3,000,000 volumes


The Practices and Employment Office (OPE) offers career advice and guidance to students and Complutense graduates as well as facilitates the placement search. Learn more about OPE.

School Insurance

It covers students under 28 years old of Spanish nationality or foreigners holding legal residence in Spain, who are taking official studies, through health care benefits, in the case of diseases, school-related injuries and family hardship.