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Service Inspection Unit at UCM

Service Inspection Unit

Inspector/a Jefa de la Inspección de Servicios

Curriculum Vitae

She graduated and earned her Doctorate in Law from the University of Cordoba and is a tenured professor in the Department of Financial and Tax Law in the Faculty of Law. 

She has carried out different activities in the following lines of investigation:

Personal Income Tax.

Local Tax.

Community jurisdiction.

Accounting jurisdiction.

She is currently part of the Research Group of Law for Sustainable Development: Socially Responsible Tax, Labour and Administrative Measures.

She has also collaborated on specialised print and electronic magazines (monographs, chapters in collective works, manuals, etc.)

In the field of management, she has held several positions in the office of the University Ombudsperson, first as deputy (2003-2007) and then as University Ombudswoman (2007-2013).

She is currently a member of the Academic Senate of UCM and the Statutes Commission.