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The Halls of Residence are located in a privileged environment and offer more than 700 places. The Complutense University owns and manages five halls for universitary students or teachers, who can apply either for the full academic year or for summer courses.

Having been originally conceived as old residences, divided into all-male and all-females halls, they have a long tradition in promoting higher education. Furthermore, a suitable environment provides the student with the necessary means to develop as a person. These halls offer a wide range of facilities that include sports, academic, cultural and social activities. Our Residence Halls have set out their commitment to the European higher education context.

Living at the Complutense Halls of Residence is a fantastic way to enjoy university lifestyle. Students can enjoy a wide-ranging programme of recreational activities throughout the year: cinema, concerts, sports, computer-related events, trips, dance, theatre, photography. What is more, the Halls of Residence have a multicultural environment and encourage critical thinking in learning and respect and consideration towards people's values as well as responsible recreational activities. And so, with academic studies in full swing from September to June, the Halls of Residence become a school of life.

The Halls of Residence provide accommodation to students and promote cultural and scientific learning, as well as offering sports activities for all students residing in them. They also provide a wide range of services and activities to help meet the needs of the University community.