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Vice-Rector for Employability and Entrepreneurship

María Concepción García Gómez

Vicerrectora de Formación Permanente, Empleabilidad y Emprendimiento


E.U. Professor of the Department of Business Organisation and Marketing in the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism and PhD in Business Management from the Complutense University of Madrid. She has held various academic positions, including Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism, Vice-Dean of Academic Organization and Students of the same Faculty, Deputy Director of Institutional Relations, as well as Academic Secretary of the U.S. Business Studies and Academic Secretary of the Department of Business Organization.

As for her teaching and research work, she focuses on business strategy and entrepreneurship, with special attention to the tourism sector. She has extensive experience as a tutor of internships in companies, as well as in the delivery of continuing education courses, Complutense Summer School, entrepreneurship workshops in Spain and Latin America and management and participation in Innovation Projects and Improvement of Teaching Quality.