Institutos Universitarios


Brief description:

This program is in the interaction between analysis and geometry, focusing on certain aspects and geometric nonlinear functional analysis and classical analysis. The program is structured around the following three lines: 1) Global analysis and geometric analysis; 2) Differentiability, convexity and geometry of Banach spaces; 3) Multilinear Analysis, hiperciclicity and linearizability.

The overall objective of the program is a series of activities to promote and develop research in the lines mentioned.


Aims of the program:

  1. Fine approximation and smooth extension of convex functions in Euclidean space and on Riemannian manifolds. Smooth surgery of convex bodies in Euclidean space. Development of different tools of non-regular analysis, such as the Clarke generalized jacobian or the second order subdifferential in Riemannian and finslerians manifolds, with applications to parcial differential equations of second order. Global inversion theorems in  Riemannian and finslerians manifolds  and their relationship with non-regular analysis. Differentiability and Poincaré inequalities in metric measure spaces. Bornologies and real compactifications in metric spaces.

  2. Differentiable surjections between Banach spaces. Approximation of continuous functions on Banach spaces by real-analytic functions without critical points. Approximation of differentiable functions in Banach spaces, for the fine topology. Extension of differentiable functions between Banach spaces. Fine and uniform approximation of convex functions and smooth surgery of convex bodies in Banach spaces. Convex geometry in Banach spaces and study of diametrically maximal sets. Factorization of holomorphic or differentiable functions between Banach spaces. Reproductive kernels of Banach spaces and learning machines.

  3. Polynomial inequalities, estimation of polarization linear constants in Banach spaces, and constants of type Bohnenblust-Hille. Linearity, spaciability and hiperciclicity. Control of quantum states and Wigner transform.