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About IMI

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI) is a Research Institute of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), founded in 2006.

A summary of its functions, according to its founding report, is the following:

  1. To impulse interdisciplinary research of Mathematics alongside other sciences, and, furthermore, foster collaboration between distinct areas of Mathematics.
  2. To channel and optimize research efforts, promoting quality and excellence.
  3. To provide a service to Society, contributing to the development of knowledge with clear social impact.
  4. To strengthen emergent areas of research with potential to contribute to technological development, promoting and providing when needed the relevant agreements or conventions with other private and public organisms for the development of research programs.
  5. To contribute to the research training of students of accredited quality and vocation.
  6. To maintain and foster actions of cooperation with other research centers of similar characteristics.

The strongest point of our model is its human capital and enormous performance in terms of cost/benefit (it being understood as research output and technology transfer). The amount of activity carried out is huge, with a negligible cost both for the university and society.

IMI has a Scientific Committee composed of several international experts, who assess the activities and programs being done, as well as providing their own recommendations. It also has a wide number of researchers from different areas of Mathematics and Physics (Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Astronomy, Geodesics, Statistics, Operational Research, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Theoretical Physics, etc.), in addition to the multiple guest researchers we receive each year.

Within the Institute currently several scientific programs from different areas of Mathematics and a great variety of research projects are being carried out, with financing both from public and private bodies. Furthermore, there is participation in the Math-in network of Mathematics and Industry and in the technological platform PET-MSO-ED (Spanish Platform for Technologies of Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in a Digital Environment).

With the help of the IMI's activities cofinancing programs, events such as the IMI's Contest of Mathematical Modelling (CMM-IMI), the Modelling Week, or the Young Researchers Workshop, summer schools, congresses, workshops, training schools, seminars, PhD courses, etc... are being carried out. In 2019 we also inaugurated the IMI Data Science Club, national and international benchmark on Data Science.

IMI is part of RedIUM, a network made out of 15 University Institutes of Mathematics from all over Spain.