Call for Papers

International Conference


Faculty of Philosophy

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

08 June 2022

The question of borders in philosophy has recently taken on at least two different but related dimensions. Geographically, the internationalization of the discipline, where career progression is increasingly tied up with international research stays, collaboration across borders, and the capacity to secure international funding, has brought to the fore questions regarding the conditions necessary to permit such interactions to take place. In turn, there has been a rise in interest, across multiple disciplines, in both the question and, indeed, a questioning of conceptual borders or dividing lines, and, in particular, the role(s) that separations between entities, events, concepts and so on, play and/or should play in creating, sustaining, analyzing and/or problematizing issues.

The purpose of this one-day online international conference is to provide a space wherein the question of conceptual borders, dividing lines, and movement between different trajectories and/or schemas can be explored. We welcome submissions that take a historical and/or analytic approach, with suitable submission topics including, but certainly not being limited to:

  • The problem of (conceptual) borders: what is a border? Do we need them?
  • Dividing lines and how to efface them?
  • The problem of difference and unity
  • Rethinking differences
  • The cultural conditions of philosophical thinking
  • Facilitating intercultural philosophical exchange
  • Reason and the irrational
  • Postcolonial difference
  • Agency across cultures
  • Comparative analysis of a conceptual problem across different philosophical borders

Format: The conference will be held virtually and hosted by Google Meetings. Invited speakers will have 20 minutes to present their papers, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Those interested in participating should send a 400-word abstract, with a short biography that includes current academic status and affiliation, to by 30th April 2022. The conference will be in English and attendance is free. 

Conference organizers: Emma Ingala, Cillian Ó Fathaigh, Gavin Rae

Funding: This conference forms part of the activities for the following projects: (1) “Trans-Border Teaching / Docencia transfronteriza,” funded by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid; (2) “Agency and Society: An Inquiry through Poststructuralism” (PR108/20-26); (3) “Differential Ontology and the Politics of Reason,” funded by the Government of the Region of Madrid, as part of line 3 of the multi-year agreement with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid: V PRICIT Excellence Program for University Professors (Fifth Regional Plan for Scientific Investigation and Technological Innovation); and (4) “The Politics of Reason” (PID2020-117386GA-I00), financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain.