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ISABEL DIEZ-VIAL is Full Professor of Business Administration at Complutense University of Madrid . She obtained a Ph. D. Economics and Business Administration and a post doc as a Visiting Scholar, in the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley (Supervisor: O.E. Williamson). She has been also visiting scholar in the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation (ESI) at Lancaster University Management School, U.K. She is member of the The Ikujiro Nonaka Centre, with CUNEF Business School.

Shes is member of the the research group Business Strategy: Knowledge, Innovation and Environment (Dirección Estratégica de la Empresa: Conocimiento, Innovación y Medio Ambiente).


Research activity: published more than 25 papers indexed in SSCI-JCR, 13 research grants for projects 15 conference papers in trailing three years. Awarded positive evaluation as high-productivity researcher in two periods (sexenios) by National Evaluation Commission of Research Activity (CNEAI).

Research Objetives. Her main current interest is the mamegement of the firm inside clusters, science parks and networks.Thanks to two research grants funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and a project from Banco Santander, her main objetives are related to: 

  • Explain how firms inside clusters can rely on networks to become more sustainable
  • Clarify the role that local institutions play in developing alliances
  • Understand the role that the governance of Science and Technology Parks has in the development of entrepreneurial firms
  • Disentangle the effect fo different kinds of domestic and international networks have on internationalization 

Editorship: She has beenAssociated editor of BRQ-Business Research Quarterly (Elselvier), IF in Business and Management, SSCI (2016): 1.325. This journal is  is the official journal of ACEDE (Spanish Academy of Management). She has participated in the selection and edition of the special track "Network configurations, location, innovation and time" in several Euram Annual Conferences (2018 forthcoming)

International teaching:  MBA Course at University of Strasbourg about Interorganizational networks in Management; visiting professor under Eramus+ program at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO); Phd. Course of Interorganizational networks in Management, at University of Brasilia; Course in  Escuela Complutense en Latinoamérica about Entrepreneurship, networks and internationalization in South America, Chile, Universidad de Santiago de Chile; Short course on Industries, firms and networks to create value, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia.

Teaching experience: Subjects (taught in Spanish): Business Economics (1st term in Economics), Introduction to business administration (1st term in Business Administration), Strategic Management (4º term in Business Administration), Principles of Research in Business Strategic Management (Master Degree in Research in Management, Marketing and Accountability (IMDECOM).

Positively evaluated in teaching quality based on student feedback (“Docentia” evaluation program, UCM) (2011-present).